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Monday, September 29, 2014

Online Essay Outlines

For those who are in need of additional reading materials, here is a link to some 95 essay outlines that was introduced to me by a student some time back....The link is apparently still working, so u may want to take a look.
Click HERE.
Disclaimer: I take NO responsibility for the accuracy of the material in there, as I did not come up with them nor upload them. As with all materials that u come across, READ CRITICALLY, and verify them with ur existing knowledge. Check with me or ur sch tutor or Google for suspicious material that lacks veracity.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, so take that first step NOW!

No Time, you say? Time is like cleavage; squeeze, and u get a little more!
(But of course, don't squeeze too much, or you'll get a bruise(or burst?), and that ain't pretty!)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Revision Arsenal

Juz thought that I would refresh some links here now that we have reached peak activity in the preparation for the 'A' levels:
1) Skills covered
Browse through the above and let me know if you want me to revisit any during lesson...

2) Topical core notes
Use the content notes above, esp those in table form, to help you go through the main points for each topic; check with me if unclear

3a)Cambridge Past Year Qns Arranged by Topics
3b)2013 JC Prelim Paper 1 Qns
Use the Qns in the links above to help you practise brainstorming and content recall

Revision can be orgasmic... Happy revising! :-)

Monday, September 08, 2014

Olympic Budget

Here's a useful link on the budget for hosting the Olympic Games in recent years by the various host countries, together with some explanation as to why some countries are willing to splurge so much.... Click HERE

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Half of teens here exposed to pornography: Survey

As the title above shows...useful for local context....

article 1a
article 1b

Photo Leaks

You want to connect this latest scandal with the sex photo scandal involving Edison Chen, Cecilia Cheung, and Gillian Chung some years back, as well as the phone hacking scandal that brought down 'the News of the World' (see link HERE), and the recent XiaoMi handphone leakage of personal data. As the article below goes on to say, 'nothing is safe on the Internet, period.'

1. Do you agree that we live in a dangerous world today?
2. 'The social media has enslaved, not liberated us.' Do you agree? (YJC Prelim 2014)

Wealth matters more in rch nations than poor?

Look at the qn below in the context of Singapore, where the govt has been increasing social spending in recent years.

Qn: The government's priority should be in social welfare instead of economic growth. To what extent do you agree?

Helping Others is actually Helping Oneself -- win-win situation?

Recognise that helping others can foster good-will and improve ties. This applies not just to between countries (as seen in the article below), but also among different races and people in general. Charity can thus be seen as being politically motivated, used as a diplomatic tool. In this respect, the US has been very successful, and China is now following suit.

Qn: Is there still a place for charity in today’s world?

Big rise in online scams raises overall crime figures

'Low crime doesn't mean no crime' -- so goes the slogan by the local police force.....but now we know that even s the overall crime rate is going down, and that Singapore enjoys the reputation of being one of the safest countries in the world, white collar rime is actually on the rise here, no thanks to social media.

1. 'The social media has enslaved, not liberated us.' Do you agree? (YJC Prelim 2014)
2. To what extent is it possible ‘to make the punishment fit the crime’? (2014)

Marriage as a political weapon

For the qn below, most students would tend to generate points from the personal perspective, forgetting that you can also look t it from the political or govt's perspective. In short, marriage is not just a personal affair. It can have a political agenda, and is sometimes wielded as a tool by the govt to solve problems.

Qn: 'Marriage has lost its appeal in modern society.' Do you agree?

Social Media does not promote diversity of views

A useful rebuttal for the often-quoted view that social media promotes diversity of views....
For those who have done the compre AQ on moral courage (VJC Prelim 2013), recall the point that social media does not lend us a voice by giving us courage to say what we feel online, as our voice actually becomes muffled/muzzled as we became aware of the contrary views of the mainstream group online, so much so that we walk away into real life not daring to admit to our own views to others -- forced to conform and self-censor.

Note the term 'spiral of silence'

Note also the interesting point in Article 3b that responses on social media tend towards brevity and bite-sized expressions, so much so that not-so-educated people find it less intimidating to give their two-cents worth -- democratising nature of social media.

Qn: 'The social media has enslaved, not liberated us'. Do you agree? (YJC Prelim 2014)

article 1

article 2a

article 2b

article 3a

article 3b


For robotics (applicable as eg to qn on Sci and Tech), think of:
-take care of elderly in ageing population societies
-industrial use to replace human labour
-exoskeleton suit worn by man can help him carry heavy load, see pic in article 2b below (if u have seen the movie 'Edge of Tomorrow', Tom Cruise wore a similar exo-suit into the battlefield)
-help paralysed or wheelchair-bound patients to walk
-robotic precision surgery (smaller or no scar, recover faster)
-drone technology in war (no human casualty)
- carry out repair work in hazardous environment (eg Fukushima reactors, under the sea oil spill in Gulf of Mexico some years back)

Note in article 2a below the 'robot strategy' which will be part of the 'third arrow' growth strategy by Japan PM Abe.

Note the Singapore example  in article 1 below where robotics may apply….as well as the limitation due to cost.

Qn: Discuss how robotics contribute to the modern world. (RI CT2 2014)

article 1

article 2a

article 2b
article 3

Shaming companies who do not employ women up there....

If u have done the compre on Hana Rosin before, relate to point about how accomplished women are vilified by males. Here, we have a reverse case where men who do not employ women up there will be named and shamed. And note that this is South Korea we are talking about, considered a conservative Asian society.

The Celebration of Failure

Click HERE to access a link to a similar article in an earlier post on failure by JK Rowling, author of "Harry Potter".

1. Is there any value in celebrating failure? (YJC Prelim 2014)
2. The word failure should never be used in education. Discuss. (2007)

Endangered Species

Other than the panda, orang-utans, the Irrawady dolphins and sharks, here is another example of an endangered species. Note the medicinal value for which they are hunted by humans. Is this justified? (compared to products for vanity reason, e.g. shark’s fin for status symbol)

Qn: How important is it to save plant and animal species which are in danger of extinction? (2013)

Thailand's 'baby factory'

Recent scandal of an Australian couple who engaged the service of a surrogate mother in Thailand, only to abandon the baby after it was found that the baby has Down Syndrome. This caused an uproar and debate in Australia, even as the 'crime' occurred in another country.
Another case involved a Japanese who engaged many Thai surrogate women to produce more than ten children for him. There were concerns that he may be using the women to ‘manufacture’ the babies for sale. Yet another case involved a client who has records of being a paedophile.
The spotlight on commercial surrogacy in Thailand has led the govt there to introduce regulations recently to control the situation.
It was also reported that Singaporean gay/same-sex couples were among some of those who engaged their services.

1. Should people be allowed to have children by artificial means? (2012)
2. Discuss the claim that in the modern world people should care more about international than national issues. (2013)