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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sample Blog for Reference

BOTOX BABES (Sunday Times 22 Jan Page 42)

I read with appalling horror how young adults in their early twenties are going for Botox treatment to the tune of $1500 per jab! The reason? Because of a mild wrinkle or two! This obsession with their physical outward appearance, or the intolerance of a few defects, is a worrying trend. Would this carry over to an emphasis on the outward image of all things, at the expense of the true spirit or essence within? I mean, just because a place of worship is made of gold on the outside does not make you any more religious in visiting it, nor the god within any more powerful. Having said that, isn’t our society one which is obsessed with image? Companies, and even some schools, have public relations department and branding committees to take charge of their image. And is not the foreign affairs ministry the equivalent of this for every country? Stepping in to do the damage control and preserve the image of the country when relationships sour with another country. Given this preoccupation with the perfection of the appearance, how would such a society then treat its less perfect people, e.g. the handicapped and the elderly? Ironically, doesn’t the NKF saga show us that it is also image (what the public perceives of NKF through the media) that is used to raise funds to help these ‘less perfect people’?
NB: The key is to use the article as a 'springboard' into a discussion of related issues/areas.