The Dark Shadow Shrine

If u think u need extra coaching in General Paper/English/Literature at the 'O'/'A'/International Baccalaureate level, the gates of my shrine are always open.....Drop me a note at or wadsapp me at 91384570 for more Singapore only hor.... :-)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Common GP Question Types

HERE're the question types....

Thursday, September 03, 2009

T Minus 8Days......

After 8 weeks of dispensing nuggets of 'shadowy' wisdom, this shrine will be de-activated after the hols -- exactly 8 days from now! Thank you for paying homage to the are now free to convert and embrace other faiths....



Given dat the feedback in class was kinda rushy, those who still have queries about their Paper 1 and/or 2 test can:

1)forward ur queries via email and I'll try to reply and explain
2)make appt for consultation. I can meet u in sch next Fri morning (during sch hols). Just email me ur name, class, hp no. and a proposed time slot on fri morn and I'll get back to u via sms. (I'll reply only next week though 'cos will be beezy)

My email add:

The window for amendment of marks is closed. So dont see me regarding this. Let it be known also that you should NOT come and ask me how to improve GP. The consultation is strictly for feedback on the test, e.g. u don't understand the answer in the answer key. Both Paper 1& 2 answer keys are available in this blog.

Finally, ALL the BEST in ur promos and 'A' level next year. I hope I've been of some trickle of help during the past 8 weeks.....