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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Story of Lilith -- the Predecessor to Eve

If you keen to know more about Lilith, the 'original' first woman that was banished from the garden of Eden, go to THIS link and scroll all the way down to the last entry on the page dated 18 Feb 2006. Recognise though that this is not from the common version of the bible that we have today.

Notes on Paragraph Development

This will give you some ideas on how to expand and develop your paragraph, esp for those seemingly self-evident points.....Simply click HERE!

Basic Structure of a para:
1) Topic sentence
2) Elaboration
-Why? How?
3) Example(s)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Notes on Crafting Introductions & Conclusions

Hi there!

HERE are some stuff that you may find useful on crafting intro and conclusion paras.

To crystalise the gist for you, click HERE!

If the link doesn't work, try right click on link and save target file.

NB: some of the sample intro and concluding paras are quite long; you are not advised to emulate their length. A good length is about 50 to 80 words.