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Monday, February 27, 2006

5X students Alert!

-choose one qn; can be the one u did for the mindmap, or your friend's qn
-do an essay outline (i.e. skeleton) like the one u just handed up, BUT flesh out one of your points on your side into A FULL PARAGRAPH.
-do on foolscap, copy qn,name,class,date
-DEADLINE: GP lesson next Mon 6 Mar.


Monday, February 20, 2006


New students, please make sure you follow the instructions below. If you have problem meeting any deadlines, you must inform me personally or through email BEFORE the stipulated deadlines. Otherwise, penalty will roll out accordingly. Get your classmates to help!
1)Blog (Deadline: 24 Feb this Fri midnight)
-You need to set up your blog and started on the blogging FAST! Pertaining to the blog deadline for the previous entry, you need only post ONE blog entry AND ONE comment on your friends entry before 24 Feb this friday.
-you must EMAIL ME YOUR BLOG ADDRESS URL if you want a grade. My email is
-Get help from your classmates if unclear, or you can try to find me.
-Refer to my blog entry titled "Your Weekly Vitamins" dated 18 Jan for the details on blogging
-Refer to my Sample Blog Entry dated 22 Jan for an idea what I'm looking for in a blog
2)File (Deadline: 27 Feb next Mon before 5pm)
-You need to submit your GP file by the deadline stated in my previous blog entry
-I'm afraid you have to photostat the handouts which I gave the class before u were here. Borrow from classmates.
-Content page get from me
3)Assignments (Deadline: 27 Feb next Mon before 5pm)
-You need to do the intro/conclusion assignment which your classmates have already done.
-Go to my posting titled "Class5X students GP Alert" dated 13 Feb. The instructions are there for you to follow.
-You need to read my handouts and notes on Introduction and Conclusion before you attempt writing.
-Submit this to me on 27 Feb next Mon at my classroom before 5pm.
-You need to join my extra lit class every Wed period 5 @1.25pm starting this Wed 22 Feb.
-Make sure you have a copy of the Julius Caesar text with you before you come this Wed. Read Act one scene one beforehand!
-For your filing, your lit classmates are supposed to give you copies of the seminar write-ups that they have done. It's YOUR JOB to chase them to make sure they give you a copy for filing.
-Your Lit file submission deadline remains as 27 Feb next Monday before 5pm.


NOTE the following deadlines and adhere to them religiously. Strictly non-negotiable! Kindly spread the word and let the class know.
Amrit, can you spend 1 min during the morning tutorial to remind the class to check this message. Thanks!
P.S. do NOT put your files in my office pigeon hole!
1) Blog
-I'll be checking for the duration from 30 Jan till 24 Feb. That's 4 weeks. Going by your weekly quota of 2+1, you should have posted 8 entries and 4 comments.
-Please abide by all the pointers I mentioned last time regarding the deficiencies in your blog... I'll be VERY STRICT this time round in administering grades
-DEADLINE: I'll be going in to check your blogs on 24 Feb this friday at 12 midnight!
-Your file must be the one that says ENGLISH infront purchased from the sch bookshop with the school logo
-in the event if out of stock, a temporary RING file may be used
-content page must be on first page
-All notes and handouts given in class must be filed up inside.
-File up also your intro/conclusion marked assignment and record on content page
-DEADLINE: to be submitted on 27 Feb next Monday to my class before 5pm!
-your file must be the one that says Literature in front, purchased from the school bookshop with the school logo
-in the event if out of stock, a temporary RING file may be used
-content page must be on first page
-all notes and handouts given in class must be filed up within
-Assignment on validity of Brutus' argument must be filed and recorded on content page
-all seminar write-ups which I've marked and returned before the deadline must be zapped and distributed to your classmates, and filed up! Those who didn't zap for your classmates will be SEVERELY penalized!
-DEADLINE: to be submitted 27 Feb next Monday to my class before 5pm


-Choose one question from the list of essay qns from previous blog entry; except Q 7 & 10.
-Do a skeletal structure write-up on the chosen qn; just a full intro, full conclusion, and topic sentences. Like the one you copied in class today.
-Follow CLOSELY using the template given today.
-Do on foolscap; copy qn,name,class,date.
-DEADLINE: next Monday during class 27 Feb.

Task#2: (GROUP)
-to be done in your group
-based on the essay qn you chose just now
-brainstorm as many points as you can for the appointed qn
-present your points in the form of a mindmap (partitioned into YES/NO or AGREE/DISAGREE) like the one on competiton which I gave out earlier
-do on paper
-DEADLINE: next Monday during class 27 Feb. Come ready to present!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Story of Lilith

Wah....didn't know Adam and Eve got third on for the scoop!