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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Green Revolution >>> Cancer!

This article reminds us of the problems that come with using technology....what technology gives us, it also takes away in other areas, attesting to the fact that technology is no 'silver bullet' or the panacea to the challenges we face in our world. The example on the Green Revolution below illustrates this very well....The use of chemical fertilizers may have resulted in higher yield in harvest, but it also pollutes the soil and water, leading to cancer. Note how the water can also be polluted due to irresponsible discharge from factories (see HERE). In a similar situation in China, the improper and excessive use of chemical fertilizers has resulted in about 70% of the soil in China being polluted! (see HERE)
Be able to see that in all these cases, the quest for economic growth is usually the culprit.

Ashley Madison

A recent article on the Ashley Madison scandal that makes for a good, recent example.....plenty of links u can make of the stuff in this article to common GP issues like apathy of youths, media influence, censorship, extent of govt intervention, etc....

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Prelim essay qns for practice

Click HERE to access the list of paper 1 essay qns from the 2013 prelim...most of the jcs qns are here...use them to practise brainstorming and question analysis.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Movies/Films with messages

A good article if u r into movies (or qns on arts) as it gives many examples of movies with messages.

Sample Qn:
Film are merely for entertainment. Discuss.

Let's not monkey around with wildlife plan

Note the opening BANG using an anecdote/interesting nugget of info method, and how the closing BANG at the end echoes this....

Sample Qn:
To what extent are the rights of animals protected in your society? (Cambridge 2012)

Title: Let's not monkey around with wildlife plan
article 1a

article 1b