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Friday, April 28, 2006

Lit Essay

It's about time we do another essay to consolidate your learning....
Qn: The loss of innocence is a major preoccupation with some of the poets you have studied. With reference to any two or three poems in your selection, discuss the poets' views on this.
-You are free to choose any poems in the tested list, including those we have yet to cover....but note that not all poems under Selection A and B are in the tested list.
-Do NOT just merrily list down the technicalities (rhyme scheme, imagery etc.); the focus should be on the poets' views, and how these technicalities are the poets' way of delivering across his views.....
Deadline: 4 May 2006 Thur before 5pm.

Lit Files submission

Lit files are due on 11 May 2006 Thur 5pm , same as your GP files.....ensure all your seminar write-ups are zapped and passed to your classmates.....


Friday, April 21, 2006

ABSENTEES for GP Essay on "Discrimination"

By now, both 5X and 5Y would have sat for the in-class essay already. But there are a couple of u out there who have not done so. you know who u are! and you must inform me BEFORE NEXT THURSDAY (27 Apr) to arrange a time to do your essay in-class. If I do not hear from you by the abovesaid deadline, you will not get a grade for this assignment.
Either see me directly, or notify me via email if you can't find me. BTW, you need to have a VERY GOOD reason for missing class on that day when the class did the essay. MCs need to be presented if you were sick that day....


Monday, April 17, 2006

Gentle Reminder....

(1) GP 'Delight'
Due NEXT FRIDAY before 5pm. I suggest you get your act together if you have not already done so....make sure you read clearly from my earlier post what is required and expected. Incomplete submission will be thrown back -- with penalty!
Some of you appear to have stopped your weekly '2+1' since the last assesssment date. Do make sure you get down to it EVERY WEEK, and don't forget about the '+1'! Just click on the hyperlinks on the left panel to go into any of your friends' blog to comment.

Monday, April 10, 2006

In-Class GP Essay-Writing next week.....

To hone your skills in producing a script during simulated exam condition, and to reflect more accurately your actual ability in tackling Paper 1, I will be conducting an in-class essay-writing exercise next week. To help you in advance, I'll be disclosing the question here:

"All forms of discrimination are undesirable." Discuss.

To enhance your performance next week, you are strongly advised to:
1) read through the lecture notes on "Discrimination" and do your own additional research
2)brainstorm your own points and examples
3)study the question carefully; any key words or phrases you need to take note of?
4)Hint: Don't just focus on the types of discrimination in your essay; be able to tell me exactly WHY each discrimination is desirable or undesirable. In short, avoid organizing your essay according to the types of discrimination; rather, organise according to points, i.e. the reasons WHY certain discriminations are desirable or undesirable.
5)revise your essay structure and the skills we have learnt thus far (e.g. elaboration, rebuttal, etc)

Note that you will NOT be able to refer to any notes or engage in discussion with your friends during the writing, which will be done in pen and paper.
You will start immediately when the bell signals the start of the double period, so be punctual!

If you feel utterly lost and need some guidance to start you off, feel free to drop me an email. It'll be preferable if you can ask specific questions with regard to the essay.

Best of luck and enjoy the long weekend!