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Friday, April 30, 2010

Media to blame for Violence?

HERE for essay outline.

Monday, April 26, 2010

BKK vs IRAN: censorship justified?

Compare the two parallel cases where the local govt imposed censorship in the name of social stability.

Bangkok (2010)

Iran (2009)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Susan Boyle!!!

1)Susan Boyle : Style vs Substance? Society's emphasis on appearance/image?

2) HERE for insightful commentary on Boyle

3) HERE for role of internet

4) HERE for the latest -- male version of Susan Boyle from Taiwan! Hear him sing "I will always love you"

Fashion with a 'GREEN' Statement

I am NOT a Plastic Bag (click to see)

'Fashion is as much a good thing as a bad thing.' To what extent do you agree?(2009)

Pastor Ronny Tan

Pastor's Ronny Tan's controversial views on:

1) Buddhism

2) Gays&Lesbians

Censorship : No-Go Zones


1) South Park
a) South Park clip
b) Click HERE for latest on South Park controversy concerning Prophet Muhammad

2) King of Thailand
a) Thai King with monkey face and feet in face
b) Write-up on Thai King video clip controversy

3) US Political Figures
a) Michelle Obama
b) Ex-President George W. Bush

4) Prophet Muhammad
a) Article on the violence triggered by the Prophet Muhammad Cartoon
b) Pig
c) Dog
d) Comic Strips (including Prophet as terrorist)

(a)Abu Ghraib
(c)Bali Bombers
(d)Mumbai Attack Article 1; Article 2

6)Local Artist Joseph Ng snipped pubic hair and drank urine: #1; #2

Celebrity Culture P2 Answer Key

If have difficulty accessing the links, try right click and save target file:

1) Short Qns & Summary Ans

2) AQ answers

3) Sample AQ answers

4) Sample AQ Format

5) HOW vs WHAT approach

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