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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Year 5 Lit Essay

Qn: Compare and contrast the character of Tita with either Shukhov and/or Nora.

-either write or type
-reflect name/class/date AND qn
-word length: about 500 words
-research, but do NOT plagiarise
-refer GCM Assessment Guidelines under Misc. hyperlink
-DEADLINE: 9 Apr 2007 (Mon) before 5pm


Year 6 GP

1) Those who have yet to submit your TV essay outline, esp the absentees last fri, do remember to do so on Mon....just pop it into my pigeon hole. If you have been absent, get the stuff given out in class from Bryan.

2)Another piece of work is due on Tue 3 Apr when I see you in class. Compre exercise. Do all the qns on foolscap and staple together with qn paper. The latter can be got from Bryan if you were absent on Fri.

3)Blogs due soon...check details in an earlier posting...


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Year 6 Lit Weekend WOW!


Go to the Gulliver's link in my blog and click the first link on this lecture given by a professor. If you don't want to read the entire lecture, you can start from the Heading: The Tory Satirists (something like that, I think) and read all the way to the end. Then write me a reflection of about 400-500 words. Do NOT just give a rehash of what he said. Tell me what you think or feel about it.
DEADLINE: Next Mon 2 Apr by 5pm


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yr 6 GP

Two pieces of work due this coming Fri (30 Mar) in class at 1115hrs:
1) Essay outline:
"Give the people what they want." Should this be the basis for television programming?

2) Summary exercise on TV passage given:
Qn: With reference to Passage B, summarize in two paragraphs the arguments for and against the invention of TV.


Yr 6 GP Blog Deadline

Deadline for your next blog inspection is 10 Apr 2007 (Tue) 5pm.
I'll be checking from duration Week beginning 26 Feb to Week beginning 9 Apr. You should have minimum 12 entries.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Yr 5&6 Lit

Hi pple,

There's a new essay for your reading on "Measure for Measure" on the Duke's characterisation.....Go to the M4M link to retrieve....


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yr 6 Lit Ameer & Kari

complete the following essay which the class did today:

Compare and contrast the character of Angelo and Isabella.

The usual expectations and penalities apply. Note the comparative style of writing taught last year.

Kari: your deadline is this Fri 9 Mar 5pm.
Ameer: either email me or first thing on monday 19 Mar when you return from Mar hols.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Yr 3/5/6 Lit&GP ACH/EFF grading

Hi pple,
very soon you'll be getting your Ach&Eff grade....If you're not sure why you got the grade you have, feel free to come and see me for details. Where Eff grade is concerned, you may want to ask yourself these first:

Section A:
Did I do my work?
Did I submit my work punctually?
Did I bother to submit my work even though deadline is long over?
Did I bother to do research for my presentation?
Did I come for lesson and return from break punctually?
Did I respond actively in class during lessons?
Did I bring my book for lesson?
Did I do proper filing?
Section B:
Did I plagiarise?
Did I nap deliciously in class?
Did I engage in incessant non-purposeful chatter during lessons?
Did I deliberately skip lessons?
Did I do work of other subjects during lessons?

If the answers to the above questions under Section A and B are an unequivocal NO and YES respectively, then go to the toilet and look in the mirror -- the person to blame is there.....


Yr 3/5/6 Lit: The 'March'-Anticipated LIVE!!!

Hi pple,
This coming Mar Hols, make sure you LIVE IT UP by going to this link:


Yr 5&6 Lit

Hi pple,
Go to the M4M hyperlink on the left hand panel....some good student scripts by the Yr 6s for M4M Act 2 scene 1 .....can serve as good Oral Commentary for the year 5s....worth reading.....