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Monday, February 20, 2006


-Choose one question from the list of essay qns from previous blog entry; except Q 7 & 10.
-Do a skeletal structure write-up on the chosen qn; just a full intro, full conclusion, and topic sentences. Like the one you copied in class today.
-Follow CLOSELY using the template given today.
-Do on foolscap; copy qn,name,class,date.
-DEADLINE: next Monday during class 27 Feb.

Task#2: (GROUP)
-to be done in your group
-based on the essay qn you chose just now
-brainstorm as many points as you can for the appointed qn
-present your points in the form of a mindmap (partitioned into YES/NO or AGREE/DISAGREE) like the one on competiton which I gave out earlier
-do on paper
-DEADLINE: next Monday during class 27 Feb. Come ready to present!


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