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Sunday, May 06, 2018

The great cheongsam cultural clash

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for 'O' lvl students doing Situation Writing, u need to write in an informal tone sometimes  -- informal letter, emails, articles, speech....informal style can also be found in the opening and closing BANGs of expositoey writing coz that's where u r trying to engage the reader's attention; and also in the direct speech of narrative/descriptive or recount essays....

This writer in the link above usually adopts an informal carefully and note these features:
1) use of contractions (e.g. don't;  I'm; That's; it's
2) slangs (e.g. new things that seem completely bananas to me; Same same but different different)
3) imperatives (e.g. Call me a cynical grump imbued with majority privilege)
4) questions (e.g. As a Chinese guy who occasionally wears the sarong, loves Indian food and listens to R&B, do I have to stop doing all that?)
5) speech markers (e.g. I mean, when was the last time you wore one?; OK, these people are ridiculous, right? ; Hey, that saying is not Singaporean.)
6) using conjunctions to start a sentence or qn (e.g. And another thing, who is this guy to determine what is offensive to the Chinese or not? Or how about that time Criminal Minds did an episode purportedly set in Singapore but all they did was stand around in front of lanterns spouting nonsense about Geylang?)

By the way, the original title for this article in the Straits Times is "An inappropriate debate about cultural appropriation"....Note this catchy title and how he achieves this 'catchiness'....

Note also the format of the article here: Title; by-line; sub-heading; intro; body; conclusion......