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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Diversity makes for a strong team

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1) Being mindful of different viewpoints
2) Learning by being open to other perspectives

-value of working with people of diverse backgrounds, who have different experiences and ideas.

-"To make changes, it is good to have a diverse team rather than a traditional team, otherwise it'd be very difficult...Japan... has a very homogeneous society, so it was harder to align the company's global vision with local practices. In contrast, they aligned well in Singapore, a very international city."

-"Having a diverse workforce reminds me not to make assumptions... It makes me more conscious of considering different perspectives when formulating polices or when deploying employee initiatives

-"When calling, say, Vietnam, the person on the other side will likely hang up on me. With such a diverse team, I can count on my Vietnamese colleagues to help translate, and understand the economic and cultural landscape there...They can help quickly, and as a business we can help our clients resolve matters quickly."

"People don't realise how much you can learn just by being open to perspectives from people living overseas, and from other cultures. They bring a lot to the table, and that can help you work better."

Qn: "It is beneficial to live in an ethnically diverse society." Do you agree?