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Friday, April 13, 2018

Para sports fraternity stunned as it awaits dope verdict

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some examples of local sports doping scandals....but I'm more interested in the potential rebuttal to the point that doping scandals is an indication of outright cheating. Sometimes, athletes imbibe banned substance without realising, esp when it is mixed with the medication they are taking for their injuries....Malaysia badminton star Lee Chong Wei had a similar predicament some time back....
Of course, you can always counter-rebut that being professional athletes, they would have been sufficiently educated on precautions to take, and the onus is on them to check the labels of medications or consult their own sports medical officials whenever they are unsure.....

Compare this article with an earlier recent post on sportsmanship where St Andrew's hockey Captain's integrity shone on the pitch (see HERE)

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