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Monday, April 02, 2018

From MBA in India to general work in Singapore

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Note the following points on:
-enhance employment opportunities
-futile in getting jobs due to qualifications not recognized, competition from too many degree holders back home, skills mismatch, not enough jobs created by the economy back home
-practical skills like creative/critical thinking in problem-solving acquired through education as opposed to content knowledge

"You could have a degree, but there would be no suitable jobs back home. A degree is not enough,"

A university education in some parts of India and Bangladesh where these workers are from can cost several thousands in Singapore dollars.

An MBA carries "more weight" in job interviews, said the polite and soft-spoken Mr Ramesh. "In India, there are many who graduate with MBAs. It is easier to get good jobs."

Another reason is that their degrees may not be recognised by employers in Singapore.

However, some migrant workers with degrees believe the critical thinking they gained in university has helped them to find solutions around issues faced at work.

1. Is education necessarily the path to success?
2. Education should only be concerned with what is useful in life. Discuss. (Cam. 2013)