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Monday, March 19, 2018

Skills v degrees debate at ST Education Forum ends in a tie

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Some good examples of uni dropouts who went on to achieve success: Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison....Even Albert Einstein was reportedly dismissed by his school teacher as someone who would amount to nothing in the future!

Note an interesting rebuttal in the article:

OV: many successful pple are uni dropouts e.g. Jobs, Gates...
SV: these are exceptions that are 'infinitesimal'; even in the case of Steve Jobs, his futute success is due to his exposure to calligraphy during the brief time he was in uni

This rebuttal is extremely effective as it uses the exact same example of Steve Jobs to hit back at the OV. Using ur opponent's 'weapon' to hit back at them is one technique u want to acquire when rebutting.....

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universities provide a safe space for people to try - and potentially fail - without having to face more serious consequences in the real world.

"Maybe your form teacher gets angry, maybe some of your friends get angry with you. But transport yourself to the workplace. What if you make a key decision in the workplace and you get it wrong? You have very real-life consequences. People get fired, people's lives get affected in a very serious way."

He said that being in a university pursuing a degree gives students a safe experience to learn social skills, such as making judgments and decisions, and, more importantly, the chance to learn from mistakes.

Qn: Education occurs both in and outside the classroom. What are your views?