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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Just Saying: When cloning becomes a pet project

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Got a bit of a shock when I read this article...coz it meant that clonining technology is not just possible today, but commercially available in the market in some countries to anyone who could afford it....The best known celebrity cloned animal was Dollt the Sheep, but alas she had a short lifespan, and apparently suffered from severe arthiritis and some deformities....But now, Barbara Streisand, a veteran (read: old) Hollywood actress had gone to clone her pet dog!

Btw, note how the closing BANG in this article echoes the opening BANG on Barbara Streisand...this technique of making reference at the end of ur writing to something u mentioned earlier is not just about repeating it wholesale, but making meaningful or interesting comment about it when u do the echoing....e.g. giving it a twist or is not a MUST, but it does achieve a very good effect on the ending if the method is executed properly..

Some good ideas about cloning here...
-helps to repair grief of loved animals? coz u can clone it -- akin to immortalizing it, coz u can make multiple copies of it so that it will never 'die'! like using a photocopier!
-as mentioned in the article, cloning is used in the cattle trade to ensure quality cattle and hence quality steak! rather than leave it to the chance of mother nature to determine of the quality of the cattle (even if the parent cattle are of superior quality), why not guarantee this quality of the superior parent cattle by cloning it?
-extinction or the problem of endangered species may no longer be a problem?