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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Consumed by the fear of eating

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Some of us are exposed to the issue of eating disorder in a recent SW practice....will be good if u can take a look to get some background on this topic of eating disorder....try googling also on the prevailing trend on the 'tyranny of thinness' where American women desire to fit into Size '00' dresses (yup, apparently there's a size DOUBLE zero!}; there's also a backlash against this unhealthy trend in the modelling scene where models are penalized for being too thin....

A useful example to know is the late Princess Diana, who suffered from bulima when she was alive...

possible argument for Qn below:

OV: yes, coz due to culture of vanity or obsession with physical appearances
=advent of social media causing pple to want to look good so can post selfies online
=media bombarding us with definition of "beauty=thin and white"
=hence ppe will go gym to slim down and watch what they eat; desire to look good forces them to lead healthy life]

Rebuttal SV: BUT some resort to looking good not through healthy practices but unhealthy ones
=resort to unhealthy practices coz faster, need not have to compromise on personal indulgences like sinful food, need not go thru tiring methods like regular gymming....
=cosmetic sugery like lipo suction to remove fats instead of exercise
=take harmful slimming pills
=use of steroids to build muscle mass for guys
=EATING DISORDER like anorexia and bulima coz afraid eating will cause weight gain]

Note methods of elaborationg using WHY/HOW point is true, and WHY/HOW point makes Stand true....

QN: To what extent do you agree with the idea that some teenagers lead an unhealthy lifestyle? Give reasons for your views. (Cam. 'O' lvl 2016)