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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Local literature vital to 'soul' of Singapore

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-vital to preserving our rich heritage

-able to identify with local themes, settings, cultures, identities and lifestyles, as well as national issues and perspectives.

-provide valuable insight into the heart of the nation by catching its pulse and soul

-truly a mirror and reflection of Singaporean society with its intricately woven tapestry of multiple creeds, cultures, languages, lifestyles, mannerisms and identities.
portray Singaporean characters in Singaporean locations dealing with Singaporean issues.

-able to connect with people brought up in colonial Singapore and in poverty-riddled villlages blossoming with the success and prosperity of this nation.

-offer the reader multiple perspectives and individual narratives that question, challenge and broaden views of ourselves beyond the national Singapore Story.

-Subtract it and the result will be ignorance, prejudice and stereotyping other people and cultures.

1.      To what extent should the arts in your society focus on local rather than foreign talent? (Cam. 2015)
2.      ‘For the majority of people, the Arts are irrelevant to their daily lives.’ How true is this of your society? (Cam. 2014)