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Sunday, February 18, 2018

How to drag Big Tech away from the dark side

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I like the example of how we think we control technology because we 'command' the search engine to search for things we want online, not realizing that we are actually being controlled by the algorithms of the search engines that decide the results of the search and throw up the links to us....
Think also about a situation when we are watching a video clip on youtube and suddenly an ad pops up persuading us to join ISIS!
These are examples of how technology can control what our mind is exposed to, and hence, to a certain extent, control our minds, and thereby our actions.......think further lah...

1. "We have become the slaves of technology." Discuss.
2. "Technology gives us the illusion of control." What do you think?
3. "We now have access to more information, but it has not made us wiser." Comment.