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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

19 Singapore F&B firms pledge to use sustainably sourced palm oil

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using 5W-1H to brainstorm, realize it's not just consumers, but also the govt and businesses that have a role to play in saing our planet...
-consumers: choose greener options in life
-govt: persuading businesses and consumers to use greener options, including punitive measures like carbon tax
-businesses: this is where the article in the above link comes in....businesses may be forced to go green due to punitive measures or compulsory laws by the govt....but sometimes, of their own accord, businesses would want to go green too as they realise consumers nowadays are more environmentally-conscious, so they want to come up with products that appeal to consumers in order to maximize could also be that businesses fear a boycott from consumers over their non-green options....which explains why local firms here in this article pledge to use sustainably-sourced palm oil, in view of the fact that some palm oil plantations in Indonesia engage in burning of forests, causing haze.

One of you asked me about food and beverage INDUSTRY last night....Food and beverage is often used as a collective singular, known as F&B (see title of article). Hence, the singular food and beverage INDUSTRY is used instead of the plural food and beverage INDUSTRIES.

Qn: Can we rely on science and technology to solve our environmental problems?