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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Chiling Lin: 'I'm not pregnant'

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A good, current example of fake news and how celebrity gossips are usually based on rumours...
Note the idea though that whether it's real r fake news, it is still in a sense good for the celebrity, coz the celebrity's lifespan depends on they being in the limelight, so bad news is still better than no news....which is why some celebrities might even conjure up the fake news themselves in order to be the talking point among viewers, i.e. stay on the radar.

'had a bun in the oven' -- an expression meaning being pregnant; but note that is an informal expression which is not to be used in formal context. Celebrity gossip columns are usually informal context due to the nature of the news....

For Qns on fake news and unreliability of info in the media.