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Sunday, April 22, 2018

The lure of the shame game: Are online vigilantes going too far?

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note the abuse of social media here, where online vigilantism becomes a form of cyberbullying...
and the thing about the internet is that once people leave a mark there (i.e. digital footprint), it will be able very difficult to erase it....many years down the road, pple can still dig up the skeletons in ur closet and use it to victimise u...causing the culprits to be either overly or unfairly punished...

Relate also to the 2017 AQ on impact of sharing data.....

1. ‘The past is not dead; it is not even past.’ Discuss. (Cam. 2017)
2. To what extent has technology had an impact on both privacy and security in your country? (Cam. 2009)