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Sunday, April 22, 2018

India approves death penalty for rapists of girls under 12

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Punishment is typically about:
1) deterrence of perpetrator and would-be offenders in public
2) rehabilitation/reform of offenders
3) revenge towards offender to appease victims/loved ones of victims/public outcry
4) education of public

Death penalty and life sentence does not serve the rehabilitation/reformation function as the culprit will be killed or will not have a chance to be released back into society....actually life sentence cna come with parole, i.e. with good behaviour, the offender's situation may be re-assessed after a period of time like ten or twently years, and maybe be allowed to be released....but if life sentence is without parole, then no such hope....

There is a cultural reason for crime in that the highly patriarchal society in India regards women with low status and worse still, those from the lower caste are deemed to have little or no rights... hence, crimes against women, esp those from lower caste, are tolerated. That's why punishment as a kind of deterrence and education(what is ok and right and what is not) is important, esp among the uneducated and illiterate as they take the definition of what's right and wrong from the punishmnet meted out against certain acts....

For extreme crimes like murder and rape, it is sometimes difficult to argue that the perpetrator deserves to have a second chance thru rehabilitation after committing a heinous act and bringing so much pain to others...and when there is a high frequency of such acts, a strong deterrence message needs to be sent out that there is zero tolerance for it.....this is when sometimes extremem punishment like the death penalty or life imprisonment may be called for...

In the comparison qn below of the type A OR B, or A, NOT B, reliase that u can sometimes argue that the comparison is meaningless as both A and B are related...indeed, in this case, punishment can be a kind of rehabilitation as by punishing the guy (deprive him of freedom in jail), we are creating an environment for him to be rehabilitated (i.e. make suitable for eventual assimilation back into society when his jail term is up)......

Qn: ‘Rehabilitation, not punishment, should be the purpose of the justice system.’ Discuss. (Cam. 2017)