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Thursday, January 25, 2018

What that horrible story about captive siblings says about America

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Over a period of more than a decade, it appears that not one person who came in contact with this family - from relatives to neighbours to the many who must have observed something during the family's jaunts to Disneyland - felt impelled to call the police, child welfare officials or other authorities.

It symbolised the anonymity of city living, how Americans were becoming increasingly careless of one another, how bystanders will think someone else will act and do nothing.

Take the #MeToo movement. Sexual harassment doesn't occur in a vacuum. It takes loads of people to look away, from co-workers averting their eyes when forced contact happens, to the superiors and human resource managers who either fail to act, or, worse, protect the harasser when a situation is brought to their attention.

If you see something, consider saying something. To someone. To anyone.

Note the way the writer makes connection from the recent captive Turpins siblings case to the MeToo reflect an underlying social disease -- indifference and reticene of society or the lack of interaction btw people living in the city, even if they live just next door to each other....

In not taking action and turning a blind eye to what happened, we become indirect accomplice in the crime by our very inaction, and hence have to shoulder part of the blame....Remember the Holocaust and Hitler's gobbling up of Europe while the allies clung on to their policy of appeasement in the hope that Hitler would stop once his appetite was satisfied -- but did he?.....

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing -- Edmund Burke.