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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Steps to shrink mountain of e-waste via better recycling

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Note a post HERE on how 70% of all global e-waste make their way to China
[About 70 per cent of all global e-waste - defined as any device with an electric cord or battery - make their way to China through nearby Hong Kong or Guangdong's capital Guangzhou. Most end up in Guiyu, the largest of several e-waste dumping sites that include Taizhou city in eastern Zhejiang province.]

Households here produce some 30,000 tonnes of e-waste a year - half of the total amount generated, equivalent to the weight of 110 Airbus 380 planes.
The survey found that e-waste was generally given to deliverymen to cart away, or thrown away. Such items also end up with scrap traders and rag-and-bone men, who lack the skills to fully recycle the items, and may end up discharging harmful chemical compounds or disposing of them with general waste.
Worse - if e-waste is incinerated, it would add to carbon emissions and contaminate the ash at the Semakau landfill, NEA warned.