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Sunday, January 21, 2018

US govt in shutdown after failure to pass funding Bill

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The last shutdown in 2013 lasted 15 days and, according to reports, cost the country 6.6 million work days. That shutdown was blamed on the Republicans by then President Barack Obama..... With shutdowns weaponised for political effect, both parties seek to extract maximum mileage and blame each other.
One of the paramount features of democracy is the existence of checks and balances to deter the abuse if power... however, this is a doubled-edged sword, as seen in the example here....When the opposition is considerable, it may hamper efficiency and prevents the ruling party from doing what is good for the country. Sometimes, the opposition may try to block the ruling parrty from passing a bill, not because the bill was bad for the country, but because they do not want the ruling party to take credit for it and earn the public's graitude and support. ...
Qn: Consider the view that efficient government is more important than democracy. (Cam. 2011)