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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Why trust in Govt is key to acceptance of unpopular policies

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At the heart of this is they govt's determination to combat fake news that erodes the public's trust in the govt, making it hard for the govt to enact policies beneficial for the nation but which are hard to stomach....

Relate also to the perils of democracy : how it is difficult for the govt to implement 'bitter medicine' as it will cause them to lose their seat, hence encouraging populist govts...Najib's downfall is a case in point, but arguably, we can say that it is not so much democracy that is to blame here, but his own corruption. People can be educated and informed to swallow bitter medicine, but they will not tolerate a situation where they are asked to swallow the bitter pill while the govt is gulping down champagne and sweet nectar...TRUST in the govt is thus crucial here, trust that the govt is doing the necessary and swallowing the bitter pill together with us, not just we suffering alone while they enrich their coffers...(in the case of Najib, his wife was having a roll with her birkin bags and pink diamonds!!!)

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