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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Society must keep social networks open: PM

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-Yesterday, PM Lee said social networks must always remain open and permeable. If they close up or form a glass ceiling, "not only would social mobility be frustrated, but soon the elite group would start to only look after its own interests, and fail in their duty to lead and to care for the rest of society".

-Important characteristic feature of Singapore that sets us apart from other first world nations:
Singapore, being young, has not seen entrenched notions of class and caste, which are common in older countries such as Britain and India, he added.

-Citing accents, a social marker in Britain, for instance, Mr Lee said schools here teach students to speak good English to avoid such distinctions. "Without everyone being proficient in speaking standard English, Singlish will become a class marker," he added.

-Lifestyle choices, such as holiday spots and dress, can also become separators in society, he said.To counter this, Singaporeans should emphasise their commonalities. "We should frown upon those who go for ostentatious displays of wealth and status, or worse, look down on others less well-off and privileged," he said.

-Note effective closing BANG using humourous, interesting anecdote that not only grabs attention, but also reinforces/reiterates his stand. (Those whom we just discussed last year 'A' level compre SAQ on the effect on the use of ants imagery pls take note...) :
"If you wear a chunky gold watch and dress flashily, instead of being impressed, people may think you are a loan shark!

1. In your society, how far is equality for all a reality? (Cam. 2012)
2. To what extent is education a social leveller?