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Sunday, September 17, 2017

F1 successes go beyond the track

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-useful list of the benefits of hosting major sporting events for the host country....(see a similar link I posted some years back when S'pore first renewed the F1: Click HERE)

-Note the need to resort to compare/contrast to elaborate a point sometimes due to the nature of the point:
Fourth, the Singapore Grand Prix is not just for sports fans. Its wide appeal is on two levels, namely the accessibility of F1 racing as a sport and the multifaceted nature of the event itself. Tennis or golf tournaments, for example, appeal more to enthusiasts who are interested in the sport itself. However, the F1 race is a spectator sport for all, regardless of whether they know the teams, drivers or even the rules.

1. Hosting major sporting events creates more problems than benefits. Do you agree? (Cam. 2005)
2. Does sport merit the vast sums of money that are spent on it? (Cam. 2010)