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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Civilians and War The Reith Lectures, Margaret MacMillan

Click HERE for the BBC podcast on war that I happened to chance upon the other day....very good content filled with some thought-provoking ideas.....
More importantly, with the Oral season in or near its full swing, I think it's good exposure to you where good English is concerned....Sometimes, it may be less stressful to listen than read...

Use the audio clips for:
1) pronunciation and 'roller-coaster' (P4 & P3) [try repeating some of the words that u caught after the lecturer]
2) listening (P3)
3) pick up vocab (P1 & P2 & P4)
4) pick up useful content or reinforce existing content (P1 and P4)

If you like what u have been listening to, tune in to 2 other parts of the lecturer's speech on the same theme of war:
1) Fearing and Loving: Making Sense of the Warrior
2) War and Humanity