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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Queensland's quandary

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Note the catchy title using alliteration technique...

Note how deforestation is not just about releasing CO2 into the air and destroying the 'carbon sink', but also destroying the natural habitat of the fauna, which can lead to their extinction....Singapore is in a sense guilty of this as we need land for housing and urban sprawl (as opposed to argiculture in the case of Australia). Our intrusion into the water catchment area in recent years has caused wild animals like deer, pythons, monkeys and wild boars to encroach into our living envmts, resulting in some of them even knocked down dead by cars in the Bukit Timah Expressway....If the plan to build the CRL (CRoss island Line)MRT line goes through, it will go under the catchment area, causing perhaps more disturbance....


1. Assess the view that attempts to control climate change can never be truly effective. (Cam. 2017)
2. In your society, how well are the demands of the economy and the environment balanced? (Cam. 2015)