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Monday, June 25, 2018

Making real change harder than it looks for ethical consumers

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Saving Mother Nature requires the combined effort of the various stakeholders which include the govt, the business community, NGOs, and the consumer (i.e. us).
In the article, the writer gives some reasons as to why the efforts of the consumer are futile, though she ends by saying it still plays a role....

Possible rebuttal pair: Consumerism (and this includes shopping!) is bad for Mother Nature, BUT if one consumes ethically, one is actually saving Mother Nature. By consuming ethically, we 'vote with our wallet at the cash register' by applying pressure on businesses to go green. In more extreme ways, we can even boycott businesses that destroy mother nature, and vote out a govt that is not green.

But note that it also works the other way round: sometimes, it is the consumer who chooses not to go green. Then a green govt can implements measures to educate the consumer, either by making non-green goods more expensive via taxes, and green goods cheaper via subsidies, or totally deny the consumer his choice of non-green goods by banning them or not making them available. Ethical businesses can do likewise.

So you see, it is a virtuous cycle in operation here if it is put into action and gain traction or momentum...

Qn: Assess the view that attempts to control climate change can never be truly effective. (Cam. 2017)