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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Death penalty part of anti-drug framework that works for Singapore: K. Shanmugam

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The latest comments by the govt on our controversial death penatly....

-Colorado State in the US legalised the recreational use of marijuana, and it's atttraccting tourists there (think how some tourism thrives in certain countries becoz they legalize or are lax on certain activity that are probihited or frowned upon in their own sex, child prostitution, gambling, alcohol, etc) Relate to last year 2016 Canbridge compre AQ on tourism

Colorado, which approved the commercialisation of medical marijuana in 2010 and legalised recreational marijuana use in 2014, has also become the No. 1 state for youth cannabis use

-how the death penalty paradoxically PREVENTS death!!!!
  "We do it reluctantly, on the basis that it is for the greater good of society... and it saves more lives." This includes the lives of families "ruined" by drug addiction.

A good example for the qn below on unpopular views....opening to discussion can allow the relevant stakeholders to hear our each others rationale that can possibly correct certain biases that we have which may go uncorrected if such an open debate is denied.....

Qn: How far, in your society, should unpopular views be open to discussion? (Cam. 2013)