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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Tougher tactics needed against Pyongyang but arms race could result, say experts

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Failure/futility of dilpomacy and sanctions
North Korea's missile test yesterday (firing of 4 ballisitc missiles) is proof that sanctions do not always work, esp with rogue nations where the leader does not behave 'rationally'. The futility of sanctions and talks means that there may have to be a greater reliance on weapons as the risk of a real confrontation (i.e. war) may occur.

Increasing political volatility
The China Seas territorial disputes, North Korea's missile test, terrorist activites, Russia's cyberhacking are often-cited reasons nowadays why nations are spending more on defence and embarking on an arms race....

Recognize that sometimes, all it takes is for a 'mad' man -- who does not play by the normal rules -- for war to ignite.

Qn: Examine the extent to which expenditure on arms and the armed forces 
is justified in the modern world. (Cam. 2014)