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Monday, March 06, 2017

More can be done for gender diversity at work: Grace Fu

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- Grace Fu is a useful local example of a female in politics. She is the only full minister currently in the cabinet (not the cupboard! Cabinet refers to the inner circle of the govt), i,e, a Cabinet Minister. That makes her the only female in the Cabinet. Her portfolio is Minister for Culture, Community and Youth.

-"In Singapore, only 9.7 per cent of board seats across our listed companies are held by women,"

-A recent study by the National University of Singapore Business School found that women on the board of Singapore-listed firms were paid an average 43 per cent less than their male counterparts

-"I'm a strong believer in equal opportunities. It is important to sometimes have quotas, just to open the door; but not for the long term, because it can backfire."
note the imposition of gender quotas is a way to ensure that females are well-represented at the top (i.e. 'realistic' as in can be done in reality),
as article puts it, this can backfire, coz the men may see the women as being placed there to make up for the requiste numbers to satisfy the quota, instead of the women being competent themselves. This is the so-called 'cosmetic effect'. And if the women are really placed up there for cosmetic effect (i.e. they have no real competence), then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, further cementing/reinforcing the men or the public's perception that women have no competence and have no business being up there.....

-women may sometimes place an "artificial glass ceiling" on themselves due to expectations at home and in the workplace.
Useful point to note....the often-cited argument is that women cannot rise due to the 'glass ceiling' imposed on them by the men, but sometimes, it is the women who impose the glass ceiling on themselves. The position is open to them by the men, but they are reluctant to take it up either due to lack of confidence or family commitments or perceptions of society...

Qn: Evaluate the claim that equality of opportunity for females is a desirable, 
but unrealistic goal. (Cam. 2016)