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Monday, February 27, 2017

Why Singapore needs more naysayers

Click HERE (ST Sat Feb 25 Home Section Page B4)

Naysayers (pple who disagree with you) are needed if any organisation is to sustain into the long term... While it is easier to forge consensus and reduce conflict if everyone says 'yes', this results in 'incestutous breeding' of ideas (and we all know how the pharoahs die out in Egypt -- they breed with their own family members!) and the danger of echo-chamber effect where everyone thinks the same way and looks at the same issue from the same angle due to their similar background experience....
Naysayers come in to create some much-needed constructive conflict, lest we suffer from the blind spots arising from the echo chamber effect....This why the PAP is recruiting ministers from the private sector (instead drawing exclusively from the civil service), and why there is a need for opposition in a democratic system....