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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Sunny skies for Thai tourism despite political turmoil

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-a very good example for rebuttal on the point that tourism is susceptible to political volatility....Despite the spate of coups and bomb blasts and terrorist attacks, Thailand continues to be a tourist magnet registering very impressive double digit growths!

-constituting more than 10% of GDP, it is important to the country's economy and the livelihood of many Thais...

- but tourism can also pose problems....tourists may not be sensitive and can be disrespectful to the feelings and culture of the locals e.g. wearing bright-coloured clothes during the period of mourning of their beloved king...most Thais wear sombre black instead....

-there's also the sin industry (prostitution) supported by tourism (sex tourists)

-Note also the point on the straining (and even degradation) of infrastructure and Mother Nature e.g. the airport and place of interests:
"Meanwhile, tourist crowds are straining Thailand's famed natural attractions. National park authorities had to close Koh Tachai, a popular island in the Andaman Sea, last year to allow the island and surrounding coral reef to recover from environmental damage."

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