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Friday, June 08, 2018

New council to look into issues over AI use

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Note the following 2 good examples on AI, and how they are used as OPENING BANGs to the article:

Should a self-driving car, in an attempt to protect everyone in the vehicle, veer off the road and into the sidewalk - potentially knocking into pedestrians - to avoid a collision with another car?
If a chatbot run by a company starts spewing racist or offensive messages because it was exposed to online trolls, should the company be responsible, and should learning data then be issued only by the company and not open to the public?
Note useful definition of AI:
AI refers to technologies which attempt to simulate human intelligence and thinking processes like learning, reasoning and problem solving. This is done through software algorithms which let machines "learn" for themselves from vast amounts of data.

Qn: To what extent is advancement in artificial intelligence beneficial? (NYJC Mid-Yr Exams 2018)