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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Has China now raised the Great Firewall too high?

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note the downsides of censorship and regulations online....
-"But those alternatives can't satisfy the needs of all Chinese. For example, scientists, engineers and programmers need access to forbidden sites such as Google Scholar and GitHub, journalists hoping to follow the flow of global events will want Twitter, and Chinese students who studied abroad are looking to keep up with their overseas friends via Facebook. In general, all of these groups are educated, relatively affluent and important to the Chinese government's legitimacy and hold on power."

Note how it also undermines creativity and  the inflow of talent....

and of coz, the colourful quote in the Closing BANG:
- the words of Mr Fang Binxing, the widely acknowledged "father" of China's Great Firewall, who last year cautioned the government to treat the Internet with care and not to "give up eating for fear of choking".

Qn: "The media needs to be more regulated." To what extent is this true? (NJC J2 Mid Yr 2017)