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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Push for more efficient building techniques

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For qns on the benefits of technology....note how it can be used to help Singapore overcome its lack of manpower problem...But note the drawback (i.e. possible rebuttal via limitation) -- the cost factor. However, this can be rebutted by having the govt coming in to subsidise and how cost will go down in the long run due to economies of scale which can be reaped as demand for the new building technologies picks up:

For one thing, the new technologies are more expensive. For instance, The Wave cost $35 million to construct. Traditional methods may require more workers, but are cheaper........
For costs to come down, more companies must use the technologies, said the BCA, which has the $800 million Construction Productivity and Capability Fund to subsidise such initiatives.
"This is a demand and supply problem," said Dr Keung. "When you have more of such projects, you have an economy of scale and, over time, costs will definitely come down."