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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tourist spending and arrivals hit new highs

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here's the latest on the local tourist scenario in 2016....
=record high arrivals of 16.4 million (about thrice the local population)
=tourist receipts about S$25billion
=tourism's contribution to Singapore's GDP about 4%

Note that this spectacluar performance is in spite of the threat of Zika virus here and the slow economic growth of the coutnries the tourists hail from....

Note related article HERE on "Tourists give local businesses a big boost"
-note the financial benefits of tourists
-how the tourists' pursuit of 'uniquely Singapore' souvenirs may mean that products with a uniquely cultural slant are more lucrative, which leads to the idea that local culture usually is given a boost (with the financial incentive) by tourists, hence their subsequent preservation.....
{note that in the 2016 compre, writer said in one part that financial benefits of tourism often go to big businesses, usually foreign/international chains like Starbucks, Prada etc instead of those of a local nature)

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