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Monday, January 02, 2017

BreadTalk founder blends old values with fresh ideas

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A good local examples about how competition fuels innovation and improve quality of products....of course there's also the stress that comes with not being able to rest on our laurels....Despite coming up with their famous pork floss bun, they continue to re-invent themselves -- whether it is new recipes or new services that ender themselves with customers.....

Indeed, BreadTalk's recipe for success, he said, boils down to its ability to change with the times. He said: "Even though I like our original products, every year we launch three or four new ones, reflecting our increased focus on health and saving the environment."
BreadTalk Group also has a new business unit that encourages young management associates to work on new projects and experiment with new ideas.
Last year, the brands under the group began offering customers a wider range of payment methods, including Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay .
In 2015, it rolled out a system at three outlets that notifies customers via mobile alerts whenever freshly baked breads were ready.
"Some brands become dated after just 10 years. We can't sit back and relax, but must continue learning and experimenting," he said.

Qn: Is comeptition always destirable? (Cam. 2016)